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How to use MIDI to learn Piano:

What is MIDI?

Okay, so many people have very little idea about what MIDI file is and how does it work. The MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. In our case, that is in the learning of piano/keyboard, MIDI is a file which gives the visual representation of the notations which are played by me. The MIDI is not only used by the people who want to learn the piano/keyboard, but also the artists like singers, guitarists or other instrumentalists, to give them a background karaoke for their songs or performances.

But I will talk about the piano/keyboard players who really want to learn the playing style, the correct notations and chords which are played by me! Here I have many MIDI files uploaded on this website. These are mostly well known Bollywood songs. You can find all the songs on my YouTube Channel. The MIDI files uploaded here contain exactly the same notations which I have played on my Channel.

Let us now understand how MIDI will help you in learning!

If you have come here from my Channel, you must have seen those amazing falling notes with different colours, right? Those notes actually make up the entire MIDI file! MIDI itself does not have any sound, but it will help you learn all the notes of the songs in that specific MIDI file!

How to see MIDI?

The visual representation of the MIDI file can be seen in most of the Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), like Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, FL studio, Cubase, Studio One etc. But for our utilization, there is a software called SYNTEHSIA which conveys the visuals (you know, the falling notes) to the user/learner. SYNTHESIA is actually a game which enables you to play the songs right away! You just need to watch the falling notes and follow along with it! For the user’s reference, SYNTHESIA provides a keyboard/piano interface at the bottom of the screen on which you can see which exact note is played! It shows any MIDI song as falling notes so the learner can follow along easily!

How SYNTHESIA works:

The software supports most of the keyboards which have MIDI port. You can find a MIDI port, (looks like a square hole) at the back or side of the keyboard. The SYNTHESIA connects with the keyboard/piano via a computer/laptop, Mac, Android tablet or iPad with the help of a MIDI cable.

The software SYNTHESIA has so many different facilities. You can decide to play with one hand or two hands, you can control the speed of the song, as in if you feel that the song is going too fast or too slow, you can adjust the speed according to your comfort! It even helps you to play along with it, like if you activate that command, the SYNTHESIA will instruct you to play the notes and until you play it, it will not move forward!

I hope this information gives you a proper idea about the significance of MIDI file and how to use it.

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